baby wipes vs micellar water!


Micellar water Vs Baby wipes

Over tha past couple of days i have see SO much about people wanting to know the best brand of baby wipes to take their make up off with. WHY? I won’t lie i also used to do it but i think its because i was just pure lazy!

Recently on a beauty page I’m apart of i saw a big hype for Micellar water, personally i hadn’t heard of it myself so decide to try the garnier one that was sold in the primark near me when they first opened, ever since i have not gone back to a make-up wipe ill tell you why!

Baby wipes..

They are called baby wipes for the simple fact they are used for a babies bums. They have no other purpose (but they are good at using for cleaning up). For someone who suffered badly with ache I tried so much to make sure that my skin was clean after using make-up at  the time I didn’t wear make-up where i could get away with it because of the acne.

So I used a baby wipes, so many people i knew used them and had no problems, they are  sensitive for a babies bum right? so why not good enough for your face?.

I noticed after using a baby wipe i got MORE spots than normal, I would have dry skin, started flaking, I would feel irritated and not clean. What I found was that baby wipes don’t even take half your make up off. You think that because the wipes clean and appears that nothing else is coming off you’r face that that’s all the make up off? your wrong! It doesn’t take all your make up off instead it pushes your make up into your skin clogging your pores.

This is the baby wipe after coming off all clean and me thinking nothing was left..

asda baby wipes

as you can see it looks as though everything is off right? You can see the white part of the baby wipe?

Micellar water.

So lets move onto the micellar water like I mentioned I hadn’t heard of it all I saw was it was cheaper in primark than in places such as boots, so as you do (if your like me and love spending money) in the basket it went. I tried it and what I found was more make up  appearing on the cotton pad then what was appearing on the baby wipes so i instantly thought maybe I’m wearing more make up than normal do? not that my routine changed?

I continued to use it for a while and then ran out and had to purchase it again but this time I decided to used primarks own brand. Thought nothing of it… but this one was £1 and SO much better it has like a little oil in it and it helped to get more make-up of my skin and it seemed easier to use, It made my skin feel so clean afterwards, yano when you kinda have that sigh of relief that your poor skin can breath again!

So I continued using this and to my surprise, my acne has started to clear up to this day i get what one spot every so often? compared to my face being full of them. So I decided seen as everyone is loving using baby wipes on there face I will show you what a baby wipe is actually taking off your face (see above) and what happens when I take a cotton pad with micellar water on and use them AFTER i use the baby wipe. (the baby wipe was completely clean when i decided it had tale off my make up). This is what the cotton pad looked like after going over my face again…

primark micellar water

That is two cotton pads still full of make-up.. you thought your face was clean? think again. Micellar water is £1 in primark you need it in your life!